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Carl Bolander And Sons

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The company history began in 1924, when the Swedish immigrant Carl Bolander founded the company Carl Bolander & Sons.  The company specialized in grading [1] (to reduce something to a practical degree of inclination) and excavating [2] (to expose or uncover by hollowing something out).  1941 rolls around and Carl retires leaving his son Ivar Bolander the second presidency.  During Ivar's presidency he added pile driving [3] (a mechanical device used to drive piles into soil to provide foundational support for buildings or other structures) to the type of work performed.  In 1961, Ivar passes the business down the line to his son David, who becomes the third generation president.  In 1979, the company was involved in the first implosion in Minneapolis.  1980 marks the time where projects that consist of soil remediation, landfill closure, underground storage tank removal, and waste control become focused goals under David.  In 1994, after 32 years as the president of the company, David passes the company down to his son Bruce who becomes the fourth generation president of Carl Bolander & Sons.  Then in 2001, Bruce appoints Mark Ryan as the Chief Operating Officer of the company, and in 2005, Mark Ryan and Rick O'Gara purchase the Carl Bolander & Sons Company.  This also breaks the blood line of generation owners on this timeline. Then in 2007, Carl Bolander & Sons was the main contracting company in charge of the 35w bridge removal project [4].




Environmental Capabilities


Carl Bolander & Sons specialize in landfill services and have completed closures in many states across the Midwest.  They have constructed demolition, munincipal waste, and industrial landfill cells which have included clay liners, hdp liners, texnet layers, and granular drainage [5].  The company also specializes in site remediation which includes on-site treatment, soil removal, transportation to a disposal facility, encapsulation, and composting [6].



Construction Capabilities


Carl Bolander & Sons specialize in commerical excavation, street, highway and site grading, river excavations, wetland mitigation, and airport and terminal expansions [7].  They provide foundation and retention services which includes design, construction, and excavation of support walls along with marine construction, and structure stabilization [8].  They also provide underground utility capabilities that include stormwater infiltration systems, water main systems, sanitary sewer systems, storm water systems, active gas extraction systems, and leachate collective systems [9].





Safety is the number one priority within the company.  All operations are monitered by effective safety programs which are above and beyond the mandates of state and federal regulations.  There is a safety director who is there throughout all phases of construction and completion in a project.  Because of the safety record that Carl Bolander & Sons possess they are able to take advantage of savings through reduced insurance costs [10].  





The Rebuilding Phase of the 35W Bridge Taken By Sarah Hansen (Flickr Profile:  Soelo)




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