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Chronology - Before August 2007

Page history last edited by Steve Escher 15 years, 3 months ago

Before August 2007…


Pre 1964

  • The civil engineering firm of Sverdrup & Parcel designs the original I-35W arch deck truss bridge, known as Bridge 9340, over the Mississippi River. Leif Sverdrup (deceased) founded the firm 1 April 1928. The firm is now part of Jacobs Engineering, Inc.





  • Industrial Construction Company constructs the bridge's steel trusses and deck.



  • The original I-35W Bridge opens for traffic.



  • Structural repairs (drawings) are made to the 35W Bridge.





  • The federal government rates the 35W Bridge as “structurally deficient” and mentions significant corrosion in its bearings.






March 2001

  • University of Minnesota engineers issue a report that rates the 35W Bridge as structurally deficient, but not in need of immediate replacement.


15 June 2006

  • URS, Inc., a San Francisco-based consulting firm, completes the last full inspection of the bridge and recommends reinforcing 52 trusses. 


October 2006

  • Mn/DOT’s Bridge Office requests money from the state, and is funded with $1.5M, for reinforcing the 35W Bridge. 


19 December 2006

  • Mn/DOT is told ultrasonic inspections are an alternative to installing reinforcing plates. URS sends Mn/DOT a draft with three revised options: reinforce 52 beams, inspect the beams with ultrasonic equipment, or a combination of reinforcing 24 beams and inspecting the other 28.


17 January 2007

  • State Bridge Engineer Dan Dorgan and staff opt for inspection only, saying the decision is based on URS assurances that inspectors can detect and isolate cracks before they reach a dangerous length.


18 January 2007

  • Senior Engineer Gary Peterson tells Mn/DOT's Metro Division the plate-installation project will be delayed.


May 2007

  • Inspections of critical beams begin on half of the designated beams. Inspections are halted when the summer repair work begins.


Summer 2007

  • Structural repairs are made on the bridge (drawings). The work includes concrete and joint repair, lighting and guardrail installation and is scheduled to be completed by 30 September 2007.



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Comments (2)

Sara McDonnell said

at 8:45 am on Apr 20, 2008

In this section, I noticed the verbs alternating between passive and active voice. I would suggest using one or the other throughout. Elements of Style recommends the active voice. I believe the active voice sounds more authoritative.

I also noticed the entries include both complete and "abbreviated" sentences. For example:

"March 2001
University of Minnesota engineers issue a report rating the I-35W Bridge as structurally deficient, but not in need of immediate replacement.
15 June 2006
Completion of bridge’s last full inspection."

I think that consistently identifying the subject could add clarity and strengthen the tone. I would also consider consistency in using articles.

Sara McDonnell said

at 9:35 am on Apr 20, 2008

Do you think it would enhance the reader's experience to link directly to the PDFs documenting the repairs made in 1977 and 1985?

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