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This wiki is an ongoing student-developed project that explores scientific, technical and social aspects of the 35W Bridge collapse.  It was initially created in Spring 2008 by undergraduate and graduate students in the "Emerging Technologies in Scientific and Technical Communication" course offered by the Department of Writing Studies at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities.   The site will continue to be expanded and improved by a variety of future courses. At this point, the wiki is not open to public contributions.  (This policy may change in the future, but for now we are limiting the site to student-generated content for educational purposes.)  Still,  your comments and questions are welcome.  You can reach the current instructor, Krista Kennedy, at kenne329[at]umn[dot]edu.


The site development and execution have been produced entirely with free web applications that are also, where possible, open source.  Since the class was taught completely online,  a number of social networking tools to build community and manage team dynamics were used as well.  Applications used include Moodle, Twitter, FaceBook, del.icio.us, Thinkature, Flickr, YouTube, and, obviously, pbWiki.  Working with applications like these supports the department's mission of exploring emerging written, visual, digital, scientific and technical communication practices.


Since the work is entirely drawn from publicly shared resources and materials, we have licensed our work under a Creative Commons Attribution - Noncommercial 3.0 US license.  All of the images on our Flickr account are in the public domain, as are the PDF documents available on our 35W Bridge Public Documents Repository.



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 Credit:  Enrico Fuente, http://www.flickr.com/photos/okobojierik/1305101002/
















Comments (10)

kenne329@... said

at 1:16 pm on Feb 20, 2008

Great job!

flate026@... said

at 2:01 pm on Feb 24, 2008

I hope I did the right thing.

Sara McDonnell said

at 8:47 am on Apr 20, 2008

I noticed an incomplete sentence--see comment in green.

Sara McDonnell said

at 1:42 pm on Apr 30, 2008

Should I make the masthead wider?

kenne329@... said

at 8:02 am on May 1, 2008

Thanks to all of you who have done so much work on this front page. Since I promised awhile back that I would also be working on this page, I'm going to mess around with it for the next bit. Hope I won't offend anyone in the process!

flate026@... said

at 7:04 pm on May 1, 2008

Looks nice! I was thinking all day about resizing the pics but just the one looks very nice. That one was my fave. Thanks.

flate026@... said

at 7:05 pm on May 1, 2008

masthead is perfect. Nice work, Sara.

flate026@... said

at 7:06 pm on May 1, 2008

Should I remove the resources?

kenne329@... said

at 8:18 am on May 2, 2008

Amber - you can zap all but the photo credit, I think. I'll move that up to the caption and make the photo bigger. Also trying to decide what other text belongs here... Ideas?

kenne329@... said

at 8:55 am on May 2, 2008

I also moved the page descriptions to a separate page called Annotated Table of Contents that I listed at the top of the sidebar. The intro text that will go between the header and the "About" section will point readers over there.

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