Noah Kunin




Noah Kunin is a Minneapolis blogger who lives behind the 35W bridge and was present for its collapse.  He was a first-responder to the scene, and pulled victims out of the river for the first twenty minutes of the aftermath.  He was the first blogger to write about the collapse, and provided an hour-by-hour real-time log of the event.  When he was no longer able to blog himself, he enlisted local blogger, Aaron Landry, to blog for him, using cellphones, text messages and Twitter to convey the news.  Kunin provided the first photos of the event via his Flickr page.  Two days after the bridge collapse, Kunin's apartment was condemend as a result of the bridge collapse.  Kunin was interviewed by over twenty sources, most notably MPR and the Wall Street Journal.  Kunin is now a reporter for local citizen journalism outlet, The Uptake.


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Noah's chronology of events:


6:05 PM: Noah witnesses collapse, goes to bridge to help survivors

8:44 PM: Noah has Aaron Landry take over updating his site.

9:50: Noah, with a batch of photos, goes to City Hall.

1:36 AM: Noah is finally allowed back in his apartment.