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Other River Projects

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Other projects that explore life along the Mississippi River:



Father Mississippi (Lyle Saxon)

Photo-text combination which reflects contemporary captioning practice. Unique among most of the books documenting the problems of the South in that it is written by a local author, using much of the local talent.


Digital Projects

Telling River Stories (UMN College of Design)

Another UMN-supported project.  It is described as "a multi-disciplinary project that researches and disseminates the stories of how communities and individuals have lived with the Mississippi River. What has the river meant to people in the past, and how can that meaning be brought to light today? How has the river had different meanings and uses for different ethnic or racial groups? How can stronger stewardship efforts be connected to stories we tell about the river's importance?"


WCCO's Bridge Collapse Retrospective

Striking multimedia survey of survivors, responders, and officials.


Documentary Films

The River That Broke The Plains and The River (Pare Lorentz)

IMDB description: "This short Depression-era documentary describes the importance of the Mississippi River to the United States. It laments the environmental destruction committed in the name of progress, particularly farming and timber practices which cause massive erosion and result in vast amounts of top soil being washed down the river into the Gulf of Mexico. The film focuses especially on the impact this has had on impoverished farmers."


Photo Documentary Projects

Sleeping by the Mississippi (Alex Soth)

"Evolving from a series of road trips along the Mississippi River, Alec Soth's Sleeping by the Mississippi captures America's iconic yet oft-neglected "third coast." Soth's richly descriptive, large format color photographs describe an eclectic mix of individuals, landscapes, and interiors."

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