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Preventative Measures

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Preventative Measures (Edited by David)


Measures that would have prevented the 35W bridge collapse


Given the nature of the 35W bridges' state upon collapse there were certain procedures that should have been followed and weren't in order to prevent such a disaster.  These include, but aren't limited to, proper initial construction, more thorough inspections, and a legislative body that puts the safety of the city and its people ahead of its own agenda and personal gain.


Measures being taken on other bridges nationwide


Following the collapse of the 35W bridge, cities nationwide sprung into action, looking closely at their bridges and bumping up the priority levels of many bridges to ensure that there wouldn't be a repeat.  Some bridges were considered for closure, while others entered the queue for replacement.





Measures being taken for the replacement bridge


The new bridge will ensure that the contractors design and build it to the proper specifications.  It will have a more solid load bearing design as well as stronger materials.  It will also feature new technologies that are geared toward a geographic location prone to extreme temperature swings and magnitudes.  This will reduce the need for "additions" or "modifications" to the new bridge.







Prevention Examples on other Bridges


October 30th, the temporary bridge connecting crosstown to HWY 62 Eastbound over 35W Northbound was deflecting due to the added weight of the asphalt being installed, so MNDOT rerouted traffic, preventing travellers from passing under the bridge.  This was to prevent the possible tragedy of the bridge collapsing in the middle of rush hour.





Tools for Prevention


Learned experiences from past failures

Building Codes

Structural Materials

Structural Designs

State Regulations

Federal Regulations

Sensory Devices

Traffic Cams

Construction Alternatives






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