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The New 35W Bridge Design

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The New 35W Bridge Design


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10th avenue side elevation image

The New I-35W Bridge

From http://projects.dot.state.mn.us/35wbridge/index.html


A September 2007 article in Engineering News-Record announced, "Flatiron, Figg Clinch I-35W Rebuild."  It stated, "Clinching the design-build deal was Longmont, Colo.-based Flatiron Constructors Inc. in joint-venture with Seattle-based Manson Construction Co. . . . Leading the design effort is Tallahassee, Fla.-based Figg Bridge Engineers Inc."  (Van Hampton - ENR site, 2007, p. 1) [1]


Read more about the team in the Redesign Team section.



The Star Tribune wrote about the rebuilding process of the bridge.  In an article last updated on December 18, 2007, the news source wrote, "The new Interstate 35W bridge began to emerge on Monday with the pouring of a 200-foot-long slab of concrete that will help support 10 lanes of traffic just over a year from now.  The slab, 13½ feet wide and 4½ feet deep, won't be visible when the bridge is done, but it was on full display Monday as more than 40 cement trucks came by to make it happen.  Until now, much of the bridge construction has been below the surface, with crews drilling shafts 100 feet down and filling them with concrete. Those shafts will support footings similar to the one poured Monday."  (Foti, 2007, p. 1) [2]


There are more articles about the redesign and rebuilding of the 35W Bridge as well as other general topics regarding the bridge.  To read more on the 35W Bridge, the following news sources are recommended:

    Local Newspapers: Star Tribune, Pioneer Press

    Local TV News: FOX 9, KARE 11, KSTP 5, WCCO 4

    Local Radio: MPR (Minnesota Public Radio)


There are many features of the new bridge including a 100-year life span, hence spanning until 2108.  There will be a total of ten lanes of traffic, five lanes in each direction.  This is an increase of lanes from the former bridge, which had two lanes less.  The previous bridge was 113 feet wide.  The new bridge will be 129 feet wide.  The previous bridge had no shoulder lanes.  The new bridge will include 13 foot wide right shoulders and 14 foot wide left shoulders.  Looking ahead in the far future, the new 35W Bridge will be ready to accomodate future transportation needs like Light Rail Transportation.  The new 35W Bridge was designed to be aesthetically pleasing and fit in with its environment.  The design-build project is to be completed in a total of 437 days.  (Mn/DOT 1-35W St. Anthony Falls Bridge site, 2008, p. 1) [3]


10th avenue side elevation image

The New 35W Bridge

From http://projects.dot.state.mn.us/35wbridge/index.html





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